1. Origin I
  2. Origin II
  3. Origin III
  4. Origin IV
  5. Origin V
  6. Origin VI
Affan Origins Cover Art
Composed, performed and recorded by Affan at his home in London. 
Taylor Deupree (12k Mastering)
David Armes (Red Plate Press)
Sheet Music
Garreth Brooke (for “Origin I”)

Digital Release

6 June 2018 

Catalogue Number LS001

UPC/EAN 192914 855385

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Ⓟ 2018 Lonely Swallow 

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Affan is a young composer from London. His love for the piano has inspired six contemporary classical impromptus collected on Origins, his first EP: “I am a self-taught pianist with a great appreciation of the modern classical genre. 


“My style embraces improvisation. ‘Origins’ refers to the creative process that brought the pieces about, my journey exploring the melodies, tempos and harmonies that spontaneously materialise when one immerses oneself in the natural sounds of the piano. 


“I wanted to capture this approach in the unpolished intimacy of the recordings, in the audible mechanics of the hammers and the incidental noises of playing the instrument. 


“This EP is a homage to Otto A. Totland, Julien Marchal and Daigo Hanada whose works—together with that of many others in the modern classical genre—were a key source of inspiration. I am grateful to them all.” (Affan)